tips to clean your home easly

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The preparation of a program of housework leads to the ease of working and maintaining the house in a neat and beautiful manner. Here are some suggestions on cleaning the house throughout the year:

The preparation of a program of housework leads to the ease of working and maintaining the house in a neat and beautiful manner. Here are some suggestions on cleaning the house throughout the year:

Daily cleaning:

- Ventilating the house in the morning by opening the windows.
- Family arrangement and rooms of the house.
- Cleaning the dust and cleaning the closets.
- Clean the bathroom and put disinfectant.
- Cleaning the kitchen utensils used and cleaning the kitchen and arrange.

Weekly cleaning:

- Laundry and ironing

Clean the stove and fridge.

- Ventilating the house and bedding and exposing it to the sun, and replacing the sheets and mattresses with clean ones.

- Polishing glass, wood and cleaning floors.

Monthly cleaning:

- Cleaning windows and doors and polishing, and maintenance of what needs to be maintained.

- Organizing clothing cabinets.

- Exposure of blankets and pillows for ventilation.

- Organizing house furniture, rearranging some house things, and moving some pieces of furniture to give a new decor to the house.

- Care and maintenance of electrical appliances.

Seasonal or annual cleaning

The best time for seasonal cleaning is spring and early summer where the day is long and the air is clear.

-Dhan the house if needed.

- Repair of furniture, upholstery or renovation of curtains.

- The sorting and repair of clothing and others, and the use of useless for other purposes.

- Wash winter clothes and hams, and put the beads of black pepper or naphthalene to keep them from tampering.

- Wash summer clothes and summer bedding all before use

Ways to remove:

Always start from the top of the room and then down:

• Always clean from top to bottom when dust is flushed from top to bottom

 Take all necessary cleaning tools with you in each room to avoid going back and forth without interest.

• Disconnect the phone, shut down the TV and clean.

 Always try to remove chaos from a non-messy house that looks much better than a clean, dusty but messy house.

 Always clean and organize wherever you go in the house, meaning that cleaning is always much better than waiting and cleaning the accumulated dust.

 The fragrant house gives an impression of cleanliness so leave the baking soda on the carpet at night to absorb all the unpleasant odors and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

 Make a small basket of messages, newspapers, car keys and the like in the kitchen.

 Write a sheet of tasks that should be completed and when you have completed a scientific assignment you will feel comfortable doing this task.

Feeling clean

Always look at each room and assign specific tasks and write a paper with priorities
for example:-

 Kitchen: - wash and wipe the floor - clean the refrigerator - other linoleum containers or paper with things in the tanks - wipe the tanks with soap and water.

 Bathroom: - wiping and cleaning the tub and bathtub

 Furniture: - Polishing - and vacuum cleaners between the pillows and on the side and above the beds.

Cleaning of windows

- When cleaning the windows, do not clean in a rainy climate or in direct sunlight because the sunlight when you put the glass cleaner dry it quickly, which helps to mark the glass.

- Dust before cleaning begins to prevent the formation of mud or the like and the netting of the window with colors to dust off.

- Use a cotton piece to wipe the glass.

- Clean water is the best solution for a glossy glass and if it does not give an added result of 2: 3 tablespoons eat vinegar per gallon water

- Cleaning the internal glass be vertical and the outer glass horizontally

- For drying uses paper from a wrinkled newspaper.

2. Clean the doors

Cleaning the doors makes the whole house look clean by wiping the door from one to the other with a piece soaked in soap and then with water and also not forgetting to wipe the top and side edge of the door is quickly gathering dust.

T-shirts and t-shirts

Take a small color brush and dip it into a hair shampoo before washing. Shampoo removes body secretions in general.

How to clean brushes and combs

Solution of baking soda and hot water helps very clean them

How to remove deodorant patches of clothing

Wipe the spot with white vinegar that does not work, so that it is placed in an abnormal alcohol (denatured alcohol) and then washed with hot water.

Cleaning the glass surfaces of the table

Bake it with lemon juice and dry it with a paper towel and then a sheet of paper. The toothpaste will remove the small scratches of the glass.

Cleaning of Marble

To remove the stains from the marble, pour salt on half of the lemon fresh and lightly wipe the spot and do not touch hard and violence so as not to remove the paint or marble crust and then wash with soap and water.

Polishing of furniture (twisted parts)

For the twisted parts of the furniture that are not straight, bring an old toothbrush and flatten it in the polished furniture and wear lightly.

Clean the wallpaper

 To clean the dust for in a cloth on the bar and start from top to bottom.

• To erase the pencil marks with the stylus (Erasers) for the work and pens. Full file to add, organize and organize your home

• To remove the food stains and chalk (make a dough of cleaned liquid + corn flour), leave it dry and start rubbing it on the spot of stains until the stain disappears.

Remove stains from water - Remove water stains from cups and bottles by wiping them with a piece of wool dipped in vinegar.

- Remove the water stains from the bathroom tools (mixers and the like) by making a paste consisting of baking soda + vinegar, then dipping the towel and bar in the dough for an hour and then start cleaning and then wash with water.

Cleaning Garden Furniture (Bamboo or Wicker Chairs)

The dust is removed by a vacuum cleaner to remove the puffs or dirt. Place 2 teaspoons of water on a gallon of water, dip a towel into the solution and then clean. The narrow folds use a brush or brush and leave to dry in the shade.

Cleaning Blinds

Wear a pair of old socks. Put a hand in a bucket of water + warm soap and hold the blinds between your hands. Wipe the wet hand and wipe it with the other hand until the cleaning is complete.

To remove easier to dust

Brush the broom with your favorite furniture. This will help you quickly assemble the dirt when you are doing the ablutions.

The spider's nest

If you can not reach it by badminton, you can use your vacuum cleaner after removing the brush, ie, using the pipe to suction the spider threads accumulated in the roof.

Remove odors or foul odors

To remove these odors, we must clean the source and not cover the bad smell with air freshener. We must cleanse the house well to kill the fungus or bacteria causing in these smells and the faster the removal of smells the easier.

Make your own cleaning ingredients

النش Ammonia, diluted with water with 3 cups of water per large spoon, drained and placed in an empty spray can be used in each of the windows, the tools is a powerful cleaner that can remove the sticky layers of dirt from the tops of the kitchen cabinets.

طريقة Excellent method of cleaning brass and brass with فن cup vinegar with a tablespoon of salt

البا Baking soda is a good stain remover for unpleasant stains and odors in refrigerator, tea and coffee.

كما As we said the baking soda is dry and used as a cleaner for smells before starting the process of sacking and can be placed in waste bins as well.

Quickly remove them with dishwasher + water.