Steps to Move Your Home Over the Easy Way

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Steps to Move Your Home Over the Easy Way

Steps to move your home afloat Many of us need to move from their old home to another new to achieve a higher level of well-being, but the transfer of obsession remains a lot of worry, given the chaos caused by this stage, in addition to the losses that occur for purposes during the process of moving furniture from broken and scratches Or damage and may have lost some pieces ... But Jewel Mecca know how much each piece of furniture owner, and that the damage caused by a lot of grief. So we offer the top 10 steps to transfer your home easily and safely:

1. Good planning:
A good planning is one of the most important steps of moving your old home to the new house. It contributes to saving a lot of time and effort by knowing all kinds of furniture and collectibles in the house from clothes, carpets, furniture, antiques, curtains, glass, etc. The task transferred and disposed of non-important things, and determine the type of furniture to be transferred each time, and the number of people who will participate in the moves to move the house.

2 - Provision of tools and equipment for the transfer process:
All tools and equipment needed for furniture dismantling and fitting should be prepared in appropriate quantities such as:

A set of balls and boxes with different sizes and sizes.
Newspaper paper and some pieces of cloth for glass winding and protection from breakage.
Large bags for the transport of clothing and upholstery.
Various lengths and adhesive tapes to seal the balls tightly.
Small sheets and wide pens to record the contents of each carton to save time and effort during the order of the new home.
Other tools: screwdrivers, spikes of various sizes, pliers, electric drill (drill).
The steps of moving barefoot

3 - Carpets, carpets and blankets:
Before starting the transfer, the carpets, carpets and blankets are sent to the cleaning company to clean them of dirt and dust and ask the company to return them to the new home address.

4- Refrigerator:
The refrigerator must be separated before transferring it for a period of two hours or more, and then disposed of all its contents by consuming what can be consumed from it. The rest is distributed to friends and relatives and cleaned thoroughly from inside and outside.

5- Electrical devices and tools:
Calabotaz is cleaned well and get rid of the fat in it to move it to the new house clean, the electric vacuum is decomposed and cleaned with detergents and solvents of its own fat, either the air conditioner must use a professional technician to jaw and put it in a box and shut it well.

6 - decomposition of furniture and wooden furniture:
It is recommended to dismantle it through a specialized carpenter to be decomposed correctly without any damage, and the parts of each piece are dismantled, especially the wheels and mirrors, and the collection of all the nails in a known place easy to access when installed.

7. Sorting Process:
Furniture is sorted and separated by fragile materials such as pottery, chandeliers, glass on one side, books and the like on the one hand, kitchen utensils on one side, and bathroom contents on the other.

8. Packing and arranging process:
After the sorting process, things must be cleaned and packaged in a strict and accurate manner to avoid any losses, and then arranged in boxes and cartons. The packaging process is wrapped in the fragile materials of some newspapers and newspapers and placed neatly in boxes that write (breakable), and then collect utensils and kitchen utensils in other balls and well wrapped and marked by the contents of each carton, And is organized to facilitate the organization inside the wheels after transfer to the new home. All the bags and boxes are numbered and a list of each room with their own boxes numbers to facilitate the distribution of boxes in the rooms of the new house.

9 - Contact Nafal Afesh Company
It is preferable to use a leading furniture transport company to transport your home, and to deal professionally and professionally, especially if you live in high roles, the transfer and removal of pallets need specialized cranes.

10 - installation of the loaf
After finishing the process of moving the old house to the new house begins the installation process and take care of the installation of the bedroom first, and then the rest of the rooms with large pieces, followed by sorting the balls and bags according to the notes written during the process of packaging and arranged directly inside the cabinets and cabinets without the trouble.

Now it's easier to move from one house to another by following the steps of moving your home and you can use the Jewel of Mecca to help you.