Is It Important To Get A Diamond Grading Report When You Buy A Diamond?

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Is It Important To Get A Diamond Grading Report When You Buy A Diamond?

فسر حلمك مجاناً - موسوعة تفسير الأحلام بدون إنترنت

What is Diamond Certification?

Free confirmation is the manner by which you can be certain that you're getting a quality jewel that is precisely evaluated without predisposition.

All Blue Nile free precious stones are broke down and reviewed for quality by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), one of the most regarded and precise labs in the jewel business. Furthermore, all Astor by Blue Nile™ precious stones are guaranteed for light execution by GemEx, the pioneer in light estimation. To check a precious stone's quality before buy, make certain to survey its Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Dossier and the GemEx endorsement on the off chance that you are purchasing an Astor by Blue Nile™ jewel. It's additionally acceptable to realize that your acquisition of an exclusively assembled ring, pendant or pair of studs from Blue Nile accompanies an evaluation that incorporates the retail trade estimation of the thing for protection purposes.

The Difference Between Diamond Grading Reports And Diamond Dossiers®

Beside your home, buying a jewel may be probably the greatest speculation you make in the course of your life. That is the reason jewel evaluating (a.k.a accreditation) is so significant. The two fundamental reports gave by the GIA are the Diamond Grading Report and the Diamond Dossier®. What's more, while comparative, there are significant differentiations.

Jewel Grading Report: Many believe this to be the outline of a precious stone. Beginning with the 4Cs – cut, clearness, shading, and carat – the report incorporates exact estimations and shape, just as a plot or guide of the individual precious stone's attributes. The jewel reviewing report will likewise note if the precious stone has a support engraving, and will portray significant qualities past the clearness grade.

Jewel Dossier®: This dossier offers a similar reviewing data as the Diamond Grading Report, short the plotted chart. To demonstrate genuineness, the dossier additionally incorporates the laser engraving number on the jewel's support.

Acclimate yourself with the look and direction of a GIA Diamond Grading Report. You'll discover a GIA evaluating report on the item page of each free jewel on the Blue Nile site, however you can likewise download an example beneath. Note the 4Cs, plotted outline, and planning of the stone's extents. You'll discover a GIA evaluating report on the item page of each free jewel on the Blue Nile site.

Is It Important To Get A Diamond Grading Report When You Buy A Diamond?

Your jewel affirmation is so significant, it's occasionally alluded to as the fifth C. Precious stones with a GIA reviewing report will help you not far off to:

Affirm the nature of your precious stone

Help to confirm proprietorship for fix or protection

Demonstrate helpful on the off chance that you need to exchange a precious stone

All Blue Nile Diamonds Include A GIA Diamond Grading Report

As expressed previously, every free precious stone sold by Blue Nile has been investigated and reviewed by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Since 1931, this non-benefit research facility has positioned among the most regarded in the jewel business, setting the principles for unprejudiced quality audit and training.

Watch Out: The U.S. Government lawfully allows gem dealers to be off by one shading and clearness grade. It may seem like a little wiggle room, yet it can imply that you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars more for your stone. Never purchase a jewel without a GIA report.


An enormous, inside faultless, 59.60-carat precious stone called the "Pink Star" went for an incredible $71.2 million at closeout in Hong Kong — the greatest cost ever for a gem.

The oval pearl was bought at Sotheby's by Hong Kong-based adornments organization Chow Tai Fook in an offer put via telephone by the administrator, who renamed the gem "CTF PINK STAR" out of appreciation for his late dad.

"Not exclusively was the value more than twofold the past record for an extravagant striking pink jewel, yet it was additionally another record for any work ever sold at closeout in Asia," Sotheby's said in an announcement.

The past record for most costly jewel sold at closeout was $57.5 million for the 14.62-carat "Oppenheimer Blue" sold last May in Geneva.

The Pink Star was mined by De Beers in a vague area in Africa in 1999. Initially 132.5 carats as a harsh jewel, Sotheby's says it was "fastidiously cut and cleaned over a time of two years."



فسر حلمك مجاناً - موسوعة تفسير الأحلام بدون إنترنت